Friday, 18 March 2011

The sun is shining.
The weather is unusually warm.
Island breezes – Prince Edward Island that is, are blowing.
John A, the John A, is falling in love.

The circus is in town.
Thirteen thousand dollars worth of champagne from the Canadian’s ship is being poured.
Late lunches of island delicacies abound and “ … the ice was broken and the wooing began,” as George Brown, founder of the Globe and Mail proclaimed.

Farini, the tightrope walker from Port Hope Ontario, in a daredevil stilt walk along the top of Niagara Falls, will be stuck on Goat’s Island above the American falls.

“Writ large, the country takes shape beneath a nurturing hand. We’re given Sir John A and the people of a groundbreaking time. We’re given writing that is evocative, genuine and eye-opening. A worthy chair by the fire sort of read.”
Richard Wagamese

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