Wednesday 31 August 2011

A cartoon about John A and George Brown - true and too funny

In Christopher Moore's History News Blog he has Kate Beaton's comic on John A and George Brown. Quill and Quire have a report on her recent winning of the Harvey Award for comics and sequential art. She has done lots of history comics and is originally from Canada - Cape Breton. Check out her website and Chris' note on her.  
My own take on George Brown from The Moment of Our Conceptions: Canada and Me (a manuscript in progress) follows.

Kate Beaton's site:    Scroll down and see the famous photograph and Kate's history notes on the day the picture was taken - Charlottetown, September 1864, many of the Fathers of Confederation hungover as she points out (that's because of their $13,000 worth of champagne they had on their boat).

 -- from The Moment of Our Conceptions: Canada and Me  Anne McDonald

The Fathers of Confederation, twenty-three all together, what a surprise, always thinking there were twelve, like the apostles. All the writers dead and no one left to write for real of the conception of Canada. Canada my religion, Canada my soul.

George Brown

A man of principles – bigot, racist, political idealist. Founder of the Globe, Canada’s national paper now, married at 44 breathing new life into him, making him less crotchety – died of a wound in his leg he didn’t get looked after gotten in a duel – how crotchety is that?

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