Friday, 7 October 2011

My notes on Diarist Mercy Coles - one of main characters in my novel TO THE EDGE OF THE SEA

Mercy Coles diary (unpublished, in the National Archives of Canada) was a great source of information and also helped me to structure my novel. I loved the job of creating a character based on some real information - having to keep certain ideas in line, reading between the lines,  and most importantly following a time line - these were great structuring tools.

The Prince Edward Islanders left this week - on Wednesday October 5th to be exact, for the Quebec Conference. They went earlier than the others and went by train (and boat down the Bay of Fundy) rather than by the Canadians steamship The Queen Victoria which the Canadians sent for the rest. I'm not sure why the PE Islanders didn't go by ship with the others or why they went earlier (though I speculate why in the novel).

I've posted some of Mercy Coles's diary here on Christopher Moore's History News Blog

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