Monday, 1 July 2013

Happy Canada Day from Expo '67, China, Russia and La Ronde

Just like Eatons at Christmas but more than you could ever dream of arriving at La Ronde and coming down the stairs from the mono rail the flags and the smell of cotton candy and candy apples at seven.
That's Bryce Mackasey in the middle there gobbling the great looking cake at Canada Day at Expo '67 in Montreal. My mother snuck through the red ropes and caught the picture. Bobby Gimby sang. You know the words - ...
Everybody sing together,

(One little two little three Canadians)
We love thee
(Now we are twenty million)
(Four little five little six little Provinces)
Proud and free
(Now we are ten and the Territories sea to sea)

North south east west
There'll be happy times, ...

The Chinese pavilion is a glorious red with gold and we have a Polaroid camera! Borrowed or one of those loans to get you to buy one but we just use it this day and get pictures of red. Of posterity of joy of the thrill of being 7.

1967 International Year in Russia
“Tourism, passport to peace”
Intourist invites you to tour the Soviet Union.

“Skipping a trip to the Soviet Union means not seeing one sixth of the Earth, the country of the Great October Socialist Revolution now in its 50th year, and the homeland of the world’s first spaceman, Yuri Gagarin.”

all from Canada and I Come of Age, by Anne McDonald

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