Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sir John A. Macdonald Library

 Hey, here I (well, my book is) on the John A. Macdonald Library! 

Cool! And wouldn't I love to see their Sir John, Eh? The Road Show
And here's John A. with the book.


theresa said...

I love that small Sir John A. Is it the pose-able figure? I bought one for my son and it came with a small (detachable) bottle...

Anne McDonald said...

Oh yes, the John A. pose-able figure is great, Theresa -- mine came with detachable glasses, as in spectacles, with a small table and 3 books.
Your web site is great. I love the picture at the top and am intrigued by your books and reviews. I plan to check them out now, they sound right up my line.

Anonymous said...

My name is Steven Millikin from St. Andrews, NB and my great great grandfather is Sir John A. Macdonald.
my family has been keeping a secret for a long time now and me being the last to tell the story, it's time. I can't find anybody that is willing to help me tell it to Canadians, can you please help, this is real history
I do not want to take away from his great service to Canadians only tell the truth.

I have several artifacts pertaining to Sir John A. MacDonald. I would like to a chance to make a documentary or tv mini series or book . I had Scott from the Canadian Pickers visit me last summer in St. Andrews NB and he made me an offer of being on his show this year 2014, and CBC 4 rooms but I think it's not the right venue . I think with Sir John's 200th birthday next year that it maybe its time this untold history is told before it's lost to history. I would like your opinion and see if it's something you can help me with. P.S. January 10th was celebrated by our family as his real birthday.

John the Bigamist

200 th Birthday

Sir John A. MacDonald

January 10th 1815 – June 6th 1891

The Father of Confederation

Sir John A. MacDonald's secret marriage to Catherine Denenhaner his third wife.

They meet at British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli funeral April 27th 1881

The secret marriage was to be revealed when Sir John A. MacDonald left office, divorced his second wife and retired to St. Andrews, NB.

First and only born was Annabel F. MacDonald on March 14th 1882 in St. Andrews West, Ont.

Photos of Catherine Denenhaner and Sir John A. MacDonald were never taken and the secret never talked about to help protect the family.

A Chair was made special for the birth of Annabel by Sir John and signed by Annabel, with two photos of the chair with Annabel.

Annabel was Promised by Sir John that when she grownup that she could be one of the Prime Ministers Body Guards.

Friends of Sir John helped to keep it a secret by sending his mistress/wife and daughter secretly on the same train as Sir John and Sir William Van Horne are travelling on to the home of the Ballantyne summer estate “Charles Bellenden. Ballantyne Dorval, PQ. One-time owner of Sherwin Williams Paints” in St. Andrews, NB. for opening of The Algonquin hotel on Aug. 16, 1889

Annabel F. MacDonald Married in St. Andrews, New Brunswick 1904 to

Thomas E. Williamson “Ballantyne's head gardener' and later after serving in the 66th Canadian field artillery in the great war became captain of the Ballantyne Yahat Osiris'“

Annabel's Grave Site Photo with Her in the Shot it just before Her Death.

Annabel F. 'Fanny' MacDonald Chair

Annabel F. MacDonald's Birth Certificate showing John A. MacDonald and Catherine Denenhaner St. Andrews West, Ont. In 1882.

Photos of Annabel Dressed in Different Uniforms and MacDonald/Williamson Klan Tartens.

Photo of Catherine Denenhaner with Annabel.


3 Plates Germany from Catherine Denenhaner.

The MacDonald Kilt Pin.

MacDonald Silver Match Box Holded.

MacDonald Rug Hook.

'Photos of the Ballantyne Yahat Osiris'

Tea Cup # 13 By Apiontment, 1955 The Invitation. Annabel MacDonald Meets the Queen and Queen Mother for Garden Party.

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