Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Expo 67 opens! Friday, April 28, 1967

Opening day of Expo 67, April 28, 1967  Montréal Canada

From the pictures that we have it was awfully cold that summer. But at seven years it was special for a lot of reasons. And now that I look back, well, the brochures and pamphlets take on a different meaning.

Toronto Star April 28, 1967  

“The cannoncade of fireworks which marked the opening of Expo may in retrospect turn out to have been one of those rare moments that changed the direction of a nation’s history … This is the greatest thing we have ever done as a nation and surely the modernization of Canada – of its skylines, of its styles, its institution – will be dated from this occasion and from this fair. … The more you see of it, the more you’re overwhelmed by a feeling that if this is possible, that is this little sub-arctic, self-obsessed country of 20,000,000 people can put on this kind of show, then it can do almost anything.”

Peter C Newman 

This is a link from Libraries and Archives Canada on everything Expo 67, well not everything

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Interesting to call us "self-obsessed."

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